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At Excellence Physio Care & Rehab, we are committed to delivering top-notch education and training for both corporate clients and university students. Our programs are designed and led by our Managing Director, Jennifer Ee, a seasoned professional with a diverse background in physiotherapy, healthcare management, and education.

Understanding Basic Sports Injuries

An Informative Session at the Kursus Kejurulatihan Lesen D Bola Sepak FAM/FAS

Our esteemed Senior Physiotherapist, Ms. Jennifer Ee, recently had the honor of talking at the Kursus Kejurulatihan Lesen D Bola Sepak FAM/FAS. Her talk focused on ‘Basic Sports Injuries,’ providing an in-depth understanding of commonly encountered sports injuries, particularly relevant to football.

About the Talk
Jennifer's talk was designed to equip participants with fundamental knowledge about sports injuries often seen in football, starting from the identification, appropriate management, to the prevention of these injuries.

Injury Identification
In this segment, she discussed different types of sports injuries, like strains, sprains, fractures, and concussions, highlighting how their manifestations differ and how they can be correctly diagnosed in a sports setting.

Effective Management
Jennifer went into the facets of managing sports injuries, which spans from immediate response (the R.I.C.E method - rest, ice, compression, elevation) to long-term management strategies involving rehabilitative exercises, physiotherapy, and gradual return to the activity.

Preventive Strategies
Understanding that prevention is better than cure, Jennifer discussed how adopting appropriate training methods, warm-up sessions, protective gear, and recovery strategies can significantly reduce the risk of sports injuries.

Moreover, she stressed the importance of educating players about their body, helping them understand when to push their limits and when to rest, illustrating the fundamental role of knowledge in ensuring optimal player health.

Jennifer's talk was well-received, offering valuable insights and practical techniques to the audience, ideally aimed at minimizing sports injuries' immediate and long-term impacts in football and other sports. This event further solidifies her commitment to sharing knowledge and promoting healthier sports practices.

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