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What Is Getting Stronger Program?

Welcome to the “Getting Stronger” program by Excellence Physio Care & Rehab. This unique strength training regimen is tailor-made for older adults seeking to improve their physical fitness, mobility, and independence.

By integrating scientific research, professional guidance, and practical exercises, this program is aimed at significantly enhancing your muscular strength, balance, and coordination. Let us take the first step together towards a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant lifestyle.

The Benefits of Getting Stronger Programme

Empower Your Golden Years

With guidance from a physiotherapist and a structured plan, older adults can safely train and experience these benefits, plus many more.
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Improved Strength

Regular participation in the program helps individuals increase their lean muscle mass, contributing to overall greater strength.

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Reduced Risk of Chronic Illnesses

Strength training can help ward off various chronic illnesses, contributing to long-term health stability.

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Enhanced Physical Performance

The program empowers older adults to develop better physical performance over time, which can improve everyday activities, thus enhancing one's quality of life

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Bone Density Maintenance and Balance Improvement

The program focuses on exercises that can maintain bone density, necessary for older adults. Additionally, improved balance further reduces the risk of falls and related injuries

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Supports Mental & Emotional Health

Designed to make a profound difference not just in physical, but also in mental and emotional health

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Encourages Independence

With improved strength, balance, coordination and overall better physical performance, older adults can be more independent, enhancing their capability to perform daily activities.

How It Works

How The Getting Stronger Program Works

Phase 1: Building the Foundation (Weeks 1-6)

In the first phase of the program, we will ease into strength training exercises while incorporating one piece of equipment, either a Sanctband or Dumbbells, throughout this 6-week period.

Weeks 1-2: Introduction and Familiarization

  • Focus on technique, posture, and proper use of the selected equipment.
  • Integrate foundational strength exercises.

Weeks 3-4: Gradual Progression

  • Incrementally increase exercise intensity and duration.
  • Introduce new exercises to enhance muscle development.

Weeks 5-6: Strength Consolidation

  • Enhance muscular endurance and overall strength.
  • Finalize the foundational skillset.

Phase 2: Advanced Techniques (Weeks 7-12)

As we progress into the second 6-week phase, we will introduce another piece of equipment (either a Sanctband or Dumbbells, depending on which one was initially used), to target a broader range of muscles and amp up the challenge.

Weeks 7-8: Expansion of Exercises

  • Introduce the second equipment piece into the routine.
  • Learn new exercises and techniques for well-rounded muscle development.

Weeks 9-10: Intensification

  • Focus on more advanced exercises and greater resistance levels.
  • Continue to build upon the muscular strength and endurance achieved in Phase 1.

Weeks 11-12: Mastery and Progress Review

  • Consolidate gains in strength, endurance, and technique.
    Assess overall progress and make recommendations for post-program training.

By the end of the 12-week journey, participants will have enhanced their muscular strength, learned to use both Sanctband and Dumbbells effectively, and gained the confidence to maintain their fitness journey independently.

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