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At Excellence Physio Care & Rehab, we champion the use of leading industry products to optimize patient results. We collaborate with BTL Health Physics for all our electrophysical therapy services, including ultrasound therapy, lumbar traction, and electrotherapy.

BTL Health Physics is renowned for producing innovative, effective, and reliable rehabilitation products. Their solutions are designed with the patient in mind, allowing us to provide care tailored specifically to your condition and needs.

Our Ultrasound Therapy uses sound waves to treat deep tissues. Through thermal and non-thermal mechanisms, ultrasound can increase blood flow, break down scar tissue, decrease pain, reduce inflammation, and facilitate faster healing.

Lumbar Traction, another critical service we offer, involves gently stretching the spine to relieve back pain and improve mobility. Lumbar traction can benefit patients suffering from sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, among other conditions. This lesser-known treatment is non-invasive and can reduce the need for medication or surgery.

Electrotherapy, a broad-targeted approach, uses electrical energy for pain relief, neuromuscular re-education, joint function improvement, voluntary movement initiation, and to enhance the delivery of medicated ions into the body.

One of our standout electrotherapy offerings is High-Intensity Laser Therapy. These treatments use focused light to stimulate healing, reduce inflammation and pain, and improve tissue repair. Our state-of-the-art equipment facilitates delivering high volumes of energy without affecting the skin’s surface temperature, aiding speedy recovery.

Looking to the future, we’re introducing the Super Inductive System come this September. A non-invasive solution, this system will use high-intensity electromagnetic fields, designed for neurologic and orthopedic conditions. This technology can stimulate deep tissues for significant pain relief and promote accelerated tissue regeneration.

Our electrophysical therapy using BTL products is designed to manage your pain and assist with soft tissue healing effectively. Excellence Physio Care & Rehab is committed to bringing advanced technology therapies to provide unparalleled care.

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